Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Xiang, Take Sushi, Pearl Drops Teahouse

I went to Xiang today because it was close to somewhere I needed to be... I've read a couple posts where people commented on how this is a edge/sketchy burnaby area... is it? I don't know, it seemed quite cheerful today when I was there.. I have to be around this area more for the next couple months, so hopefully it's not that bad. besides, I've been through worse (after clubbing-sketchy hastings-waiting for bus).

Xiang is hunan cuisine which is known for its spiciness.. which is probably the worst choice of restaurant for me. But I wanted to try it and it was conviently there.. I would have went to Kiss yo mama, because I have been tryin to go here for over a year now but it hasn't worked out.. grr!!

Xiang is a clean restaurant with two servers working.. they were extremely polite and efficient. First walking in, I got a little sketched because people staring .. uch.. We ordered a green onion pancake and a lamb+onion on rice. The rice dish was surprisingly good. It wasn't salty and had great taste. The green onion pancake however.. did not have enough onions.. so I felt like I was just eating a doughy pancake :( The meal cost about 15 dollars. They have decent lunch specials for 5.99. They only accept Cash.

Later, I met up with a friend and went to Take Sushi on Hastings next to Vita Bella. We ordered the Sunshine roll and take roll.. each around 8 bucks. The sushi chef was sweating and wiping himself with his shirt while making our rolls.. that was a little displeasing to watch.. I noticed but the table next to me commented on it. I saw many people get the sushi boxes that looked like a pretty good satisfying meal. The rolls were ok. They were a little small but full of ingredients. They were pretty good.

We went over to Pearl Drops Teahouse nearby. They specialize in various drinks and bubbleteas and teas. I am strictly a water gal.. I don't usually drink anything else cept green tea or occasionally orange juice (100%). I don't like bubbleteas at all so obv this place never appealed to me. But I was craving for dessert! and my friend was still hungry. She had the ramen with pork/kimchi and we also shared a matcha upside down cream cheese

that cream cheese was delicious. It reminded me of those cheesecake mousse from Metro .. soooo good! It was 5.00 the ramen was ok. We also got a drink .. passion fruit slush I think. I only had 3 sips of it.. it was extremely seedy. Side note- that door is hella hard to open/close. I watched these two women try to open it and couldn't and began staring at me inside as if to ask me/pondering how the hell i got in ha! but then we had difficulty leaving..