Friday, December 7, 2007

about me

-I am a little girl who eats too much for my own good. My exercise is speed walking around Vancouver. You should try it, it works.

-I love food and I am always up to try new things once. The only thing I hate, though, are onions. and maybe I'll say no to live insects/creatures with a scary face. I really hope to go everywhere in the world and try local authentic dishes.

- I frigging love diner drive ins and dives. I hope to do my own diner road trip one day. heart attack here I come

-I am my own gps system. I remember Vancouver by the location of restaurants. and I usually just stumble around until I find it instead of memorizing the address (89% success rate.. now with my iphone 99% ;) )

-I can only review on how *I* and whoever I am eating with felt about the dish and the ambience of the restaurant. Thus, it is through our perspective and may stir up differences of opinions. I in no way have claimed to be a food connoisseur or critic or some prolific journalist. The main purpose of my site is to showcase some of what Vancouver has to offer and allow other van foodies (and everyone else!) to see some decent photos and what they can expect at restaurants. I am just a normal person who loves to eat .. and take pics

-I've worked foh various positions and admin/corporate in the restaurant industry.. I just can't get enough! I'd like to open my own restaurant one day

-When I don't eat out, I eat so frugually- staples at home: yogurt, spaghetti+sauce+sausage.. from no frills, my fave place ever.

-Aside from food, I am a recent bba undergrad who also love fashion, makeup, and travelling. fml. Wish I had the skills to be an extreme couponer.

-I am a slow blogger. so you should just look at my flickr =)