Saturday, December 1, 2007

Food in Yaletown

I love Yaletown. I am gonna live there once I can afford it.

Went to Coast Restaurant.. The service was great but the food was just o-k. Had the crab cakes, scallops, and spring rolls..

Another day, we went to Blue Water Cafe and the food was soooo good. We had the halibut (cellphone picture). It was so delicious. We also had dynamite rolls (I've had better) and cheesecake. The drink was weak unfortunately.

Before going to Plush one night, we went to Glowbal (which is affiliated with Coast). The service was top notch once again but the food was not. We had the tasting platter for two. None of it was good. Everything was disgusting. ugh.

If anyone ever goes to Moxies. This is THE best dessert EVER. omg. It's called banana caramel xango? It's deep fried banana with ice cream and caramel/chocolate sauce or something like that. It is so good. It's the only reason why I go back to Moxies now (and the ginger pear magarita).

Me and my friend also went to Gastown and tried out Salt Tasting Room. The location is such a turn off. You would never find it if you never knew it was in an alleyway. no not some historical attention grabbing alleyway. It was literally an alley way. Inside, the room is nice and the service was very friendly. We chose our own cheese condiments and meat. It is here that I found my fondness for sparkling wine. mm.
It's definitely not a place to go on an empty stomach. We stopped at Jule's Bistro next.. unfortunately they were closed between lunch and dinner. ugh. so we stopped at Flux Bistro.. We were scared to go in because it was aboslutely dead inside. Then again, we DID go at 3:30pm. who the hell eats at that time. Thinking that they might be closed like Jule's, we scoped outside for 5 minutes before we asked someone who was going inside (a worker). probably thought we were the stupidest people ever. We just had a salad and fries. More wine of course.