Sunday, December 30, 2007

mmm Breakfast

I went to restuarant 62 back in my hometown. The place was d-e-a-d. We were basically the only table there on sunday at 12-1pm. Even so, they had to sit us in a secluded far away spot. I had an omelette (my first time eating one) and my friend had a sandwich. The sandwich tasted like something I could eat at the cafe at school and my friend said it tasted like quiznos. My omlette looked like a pizza. It had a crust! The salad was disgusting, both caesar and mixed greens. Thank god the prices were below 15 or else I would feel ripped off. I had high hopes for this place because the chef used to work for Glowbal I think and another restuarant. But I was disappointed. The only upside were the salt and pepper shakers.. which my friend stole.. i wish I took one now.

I also baked some christmas cookies. I've never baked cookies from scratch before (I am more of a meal making person, not pastry..) It was a little hard, I think the recipe was a little off because I ended up kneading my cookie dough a lot and adding mass amounts of flour just to make sure the dough stayed together. that's already a warning sign. But I recently bought these heart cut outs from Daiso for 2 dollars and I was excited to use them!

Look at the pretty cakes from T&T! They looked better than they tasted though :(