Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hy's Encore

I went to Hy's Encore one night. Going inside we already had a bad first impression. The hostess helps the people right behind us and completely disregards us. We walk in first, and she goes "hi how are you doing" to the people RIGHT behind us. what the hell. It is not like we were dressed shabby or smelled funny. I have never had this happen. Then the hostess walks down and calls us from afar to go towards her. Um. Am I missing something here? Do you not ask us how many people and if we have reservations? How the bloody fuck do you know how many people is in our group and etc.? She then leads us to this table with half of it seated with asian people. So. Let me get this straight. You automatically assumed we were with this other group because we were all Asian? What THE HELL. I mean if we lived in fucking caucasian place, then Maybe? even then this is not acceptable. But this is a multicultural city. I cannot believe this actually. It's not like a caucasian group can walk into a Chinese restaurant and we'll assume you are with the rest of the caucasians in the restaurant. Seriously. I am usually quite open and joke about my race a lot but the fact that the hostess didn't greet us when we got inside and instead greet the people BEHIND us is already a fucking slap in the face.

ok enough of that rant, thank god the food was really good though. The bread was amazingly delicious and I ordered the steak and lobster (bad cellphone picture). Oh My God. It was SO Good. I don't even like steak that much but this was amazing.

I am disppointed in the treatment from the get go. It definitely put a huge damper on this restaurant to the fact that I don't think I'll be back. It's really sad that one woman can piss me off so much especially since the food was pretty spectacular. I even tell everyone I know not to go here and I will keep telling people not to go here. Maybe Gothams or Morton's have better hostessess who will greet everyone that comes in and do not stereotype.

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