Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Foodie's Guide to Vancouver (asian food)

Japanese food is extremely prevalent in Vancouver. When you feel like treating yourself or you are just simply ballin, Tojo's might be an option. For authentic sushi, I heard that Toshi is one of the best (although be prepared for a lineup!). Personally for me, I Love creative crazy sushi rolls. A lot of people don't because they find it unauthentic. But watever, they make for a good picture and are delicious! Octopus Garden has some killer rolls but are on the more expensive side. Makoto has cheaper prices and just as creative rolls. Look at the dragon roll! insane. Finally, there are some delicious tapa/izakayas downtown, but for me I Loved Yuji's. Absolutely delicious plates and perfectly rolled sushi rolls. Once again, a little on the expensive side..

Along Robson and near Lougheed (burquitlam?), there are a ton of Korean restaurants. You can try korean bbq at Insadong or get bi bam baps at Jang Mo Jib.

Vietnamese food in Van is very very cheap. Although the decor will most likely be hole in the wall, most pho places are quite adequate.. (watch out for the msg!). I personally like Spices. A little more expensive but great little restaurant with yummy food, and banh mi during lunch time :) A cheap one would be Mui Ngo Gai on Nanaimo. You will be overwhelmed by their crazy amount of food options and colorful mouth watering pictures in their giant size menus.

It's pretty obvious that there are quite a lot of Chinese citizens in BC. which also means pretty good chinese food!! For the good ol cha chan tengs, something quick and reliable is The Boss in Chinatown or Gloucester Cafe. Gloucester is a bit more expensive than average but quite clean and has yummy baked pork chop on rice :)

Another great chinese restaurant that is also opened late is Ho Yuen Kee. Great for dinner or late night snack at good prices, I am drooling. Finally Dim Sum. There are expensive dim sum and cheap dim sum. The expensive ones are the seafood restaurants and most of them usually have crap service due to their favortism towards close clientele. Although Sun Sui Wah is a bigger, more expensive restaurant, they are quite friendly even if you are not a frequent customer. Another one I like is Golden Phoenix They are well priced and have very creative dim sums along with the usual ha gow siu mai. If you want cheap and filling dim sums, King's Chinese Cuisine is definitely another good one.

Famous asian spots you should try are Phnom Penh (one of the more famous restaurants in Van) for their butter chicken and curry with sweet potato. or Kintaro Ramen for their famous cheese ramen (watch out for line ups!) and obviously, the japadog stand outside of the wine shop near IGA. Also Crazy amounts of lineups!! but definitely worth a try.

As for Shanghai food, my pick is definitely Long's Noodle House. Cheap and delicious with an efficient and kind owner. Another one I like is Lin's. Very kind people and pretty good prices. On a sunny day, steer clear of sitting near the window. the sunrays are killer.