Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sun Sui Wah + Copa Cafe

Sun Sui Wah (Vancouver) on Urbanspoon I've never blogged about Sun Sui Wah ever even though I claim it to be my one of my favorite Dim Sum place. I came here recently and it was hustling and bustling with a ton of people (it always is). The room is pretty large and they used to have carts pushing out dim sum, but now they are an ordering place. We finally got sat down after half an hour and quickly began ordering. The roasted squab was 10.80 so we ordered that. I know pigeon is not a thing many people like (all my friends cringe when I tell them I eat it) but I absolutely LOVE squab. I eat it every chance I get even though it's probably about 3000 calories. It's so delicious. Even though the promoted squab was small, it was sooo good. Mmm. If you haven't tried it, DO SO

We ordered spring roll, meat balls, siu mai, chinese bbq buns, beef rolls, ham sui gok, taro cake, and dou fu fa. Everything was just adequate, with the taro cake being cooked wayyy too long. It was hella dry. I think that this place has either gone downhill for the prices of the food or just had an off day from the crazy amount of customers. I know that there are better dim sum joints in vancouver but I've grown up eating at Sun Sui Wah, it's hard to not like a place you loved for so long! Will I come back anytime soon, probs not. Will I keep recommending it to others? Probably.. With a side caution that I might be bias and an extra suggestion to Golden Phoenix

Copa Cafe on Urbanspoon I made a visit to Copa Cafe on Cambie with my family. I like the chef on the signs so I came here already liking the restaurant. Thus I was easily swayed to like this place as long as food is adequate (I am so bias sometimes. Gah). We sat down and I was overwhelmed by all the choices. But I picked the lamb chop and bbq short ribs with gravy sauce and mashed potatoes for 18.98. Also changed the soup to a lobster bisque (I only ate leftovers that morning, I wanted good food). My parents ordered a rice dish and the pork and crab cakes combo for 15 I believe. The set meals also came with a warm dinner bun and a drink. The lobster bisque was very very sad. The bits and pieces of lobster were very small and few. But I finished it because I was so hungry. The rice came first and it was very very tasty, I like. My meal looked overwhelming but came out short. The short ribs were very fatty and the lamb chops were like rare/medium rare instead of medium. My mashed potato was really dense and loaded with sauce. Euck. The pork dish, I only tried the crab cakes which were very rich and "laou", meaning you can't eat too much of it without feeling full/sick. I also LOVE crab cakes so this was a downer. The meal was a let down, except the take out bag, which is a bright yellow recycable bag with the chef on it. So cute. Will I come back? No. But I like your marketing. If I am your target audience, it worked