Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lux, Cafe Barcelona, Whineo's

Lux at Caprice on Urbanspoon I've been meaning to try Lux at Caprice for some time now but it never worked out! So when my friend from the valley came to visit me, I thought it would be a great time to try again. The restaurant is quite stylish, dark, and great for parties.

We ordered a flat bread to share and I had lamb (medium well) and she had the gnocchi. Food took half hour to get out.. With all of it coming out at the same time??? Why didn't we get our flat bread first? Oi. My lamb was medium RARE, not WELL. But since food took awhile and we needed to go elsewhere, I ate it. Everything was alright... Nothing too spectacular.. Just found the wait to be a little too much.. Same with ordering drinks.. but the ambience is great I think. We ended up telling our cabbie we had 5 min to our nxt destination and he proceeded to blast the Jay Z song on the radio and dancing to it as if he was some gangster and drove hella fast. Lol, awesome. And he made it there with one minute to spare :) I hope to encounter you again one day mr cabbie man, and not the ones who throws the map at me and tell me to direct them or tell me to show them money first. Bastards.

We went to Cafe Barcelona one night after realizing circa and lux were unavailable. The restaurant is very quaint and bustling with a ton of people. We ordered a pitcher of sangria to share (yum) and ordered the spanish omelette on tomato bread, pepper and cheese dish, and a cheese and quince paste dish to share (with the cheese + quince a highly recommended dish). I also got myself one croquette which ended up having very very little pieces of ham and way too rich for me. The omelette dish was delicious (even though my friend didn't want to get it :P) Everything went well together and was quite filling but the other two dishes were not good.. The cheese and quince paste was 9 bucks.. Serious?? For a second I thought we were supposed to dip the cheese/quince into the pepper dish. Neither of us were fans and left. Although we met a lovely man named James who was so friendly and talkative to us. Hope to see you one day again! Maybe we will run into you at the Cellar checking out the hot Gotti looking bartender? Hahahaha :)

Since I was still hungry as hell and needed some carbs in my body in preparation for a long night of drinking, we went to Whineno's so I could order a Spaghetti and Meatballs. Friend had the deconstructed cheesecake. I've been here one time but never ate here. I think I was offered a free drink from some random here the last time I was here. The room is nice but fairly dark. I personally enjoy Sip more but I've been there to eat so I wanted to try new things. My spaghetti dish wasn't very good unforunately. The meatballs were hella dry and whole thing was rather bland. Maybe I have been spoiled with swedish meatballs and can't go back, but they were not good at all. The cheesecake was fine though. We were in a hurry again off I went with spaghetti breath and smell. Lovely.