Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Milestones, Old Spaghetti factory, Hi

Back home, I went to Milestones for dessert because I was dressed too scrubby for The Keg and my friend was dressed too nice for Red Robins. Gah. Milestones seemed like a good medium since RAIN had an EMPTY parking lot. I do wanna try the place, but come on people.. Go there. Milestones has a pretty good list of desserts, whether you want chocolate, ice cream, cheesecake, apple, etc etc. I felt like something different and ordered the ginger caramel cinnamon fritter thing. I am sure that is not the name but hell it was very long and along those lines. My friend had *the* cookie. THE cookie was around 6-7 bucks so it better be some damn good cookie. My dessert was very good, had a little cinnamon spicy kick to it that I enjoyed. THE cookie was good in the beginning, but got a little too rich since it was like chocolate overload. Which isn't a bad thing sometimes. Believe me, I went through 2 packages of ballerina cookies in 3 days couple months ago combined with 2 daim chocolate bars. If you don't know what they are, please make a trip to Ikea and pick up some. Words cannot describe how great they are. And you know what else is great? Pizza flavored rice cakes. Come on Canada, get with it.

I also checked out the old spaghetti factory EVEN though I've heard shit things about them from numerous people. I always see the big sign when I come home from the highway and I don't care how bad it is, it's just pasta. How bad can it be??? The room was pretty big and we were promptly served bread after we sat down. It's sourdough served with butter and garlic butter. It's alright. Here, the pasta come with bread, choice of soup or salad, and ice cream..all for around 11-15 bucks. I had the tortellini baked with cheese (added .99) and friend had penne with chicken. We both had soup that I found was really gross. It tasted bad. The pasta wasn't that bad though. I mean, it wasn't AMAZING but they were sufficient. Ice cream was also okay. I think for the price, it is a good meal for the family. Will I come back? Probably not. Since I already eat relatively similar tortellini stuff at home a la safeway.

Hi Lunch Box on Urbanspoon Hi Lunch Box is a place I've tried to go to once before only to realize it was closed. There are a ton of sushi restaurants nearby.. Midori..GrEAT bistro..and I saw 2 more across the street. Sushi places are dominating abby! Anyways, the room is very small but decked out in Japanese decorations. There was only one other customer inside and he seemed like a close customer. Another group of guests came while we were eating and I believe they were friends with the owners. The menu is pretty plain, with the normal sushi, sashimi, udon, rice bowls, combo sets, etc. We ordered a lunch box (chicken teriyaki, gyoza, sushi, cali roll, salad), unagi roll (even though I said don, but it's alright), and a crazy boy roll (deep fried cali roll). Unagi roll came first and it had wayyy too much sauce all over it.. Kinda killed the roll for me, even though it had good taste. The Crazy Boy, was too spicy so I didn't eat it much.. Although it looked nice. The lunch box A.. The chicken teriyaki pieces were falling apart and once again was drenched in teriyaki sauce. Like the rice were sitting in heaps of the sauce that it was inedible. The gyoza also fell apart when we tried to pick it up.. It wasn't a very good box.. The owner was a lovely lovely lady who told us the sushi chef was new and he recently came from a japanese restaurant in Vancouver (I asked which one but they both couldn't say it in English or didn't remember). She seemed really kind and I really wanted to like this restaurant but the meal we had was not good.. Maybe they had an off day. It sure beats the inflated prices at grEAT.