Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Joeys + Riz

Joey's (Burrard & Pender) on Urbanspoon I met up with a friend downtown for dinner at Joey's at Bentall Center. I am not a major fan of chain restaurants, but I wanted to watch the game and it was between Joeys or cactus and friend liked Joeys more. There's nothing wrong with Joeys. It is always a fancy room with ample seating and various menu choices. Also the most beautiful bathroom in their Broadway location. But I've never had a good meal here except maybe a dessert encounter.

We sat down at the bar and ordered the calamari to share and I had the lobster grilled cheese. .. Once the game started, my friend moved over to sit next to me and we began to find it SUPER difficult to watch.. Because the bar has about 5 TVs all playing the game and we realized we couldn't stay focused on one screen without looking at the other. "why does the one on the left of the one I am watching look brighter and livelier? When they are all playing the SAME GODDAMN GAME. My friend ended up watching the farthest left TV even though there's a perfectly good one right in front of him. OI. Then friend informs there's a larger projector playing the game in the other room. So we quickly upped and moved there.. Only that he forgot to Mention/realize that yes the screen is bigger and theres just one screen, but there's NO SOUND. We watched the rest of the game with loud pumping music in the background. UGH

The food was a huge let down. Calamari was absolutely disgusting with the fried parts falling right off. The Lobster grilled cheese was hella buttery and greasy and too rich for me. And we also lost badly to a crap team (cbj), which just pissed us off even more. No more Joeys, unless I have to pee and I am on Broadway.. Just kidding, :P

Now that I moved again (I am somewhat a nomad), I get to try new places in my neighbourhood! Riz Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon I went to Riz on Broadway and Renfrew located in a small plaza with mr sub and a mexican restaurant (which seemed fairly busy so I just might have to try it one day)l. We ordered the unagi roll, cheese roll, and a lunch box. The owners are cantonese and they have a good amount of customers for a Monday Afternoon which included both sit in and take out. The menu had a bunch of different things as well.

Food came out pretty fast which was good because I thought I was gonna be late. The unagi roll was alright, nothing spectacular.. The lunch box was also normal, quite solid for a lunch box because everything was adequate. But the cheese roll was just gross. Then again what the hell was I thinking ordering sushi with MELTED CHEESE on TOP. Inside was beef teriyaki and it came with salsa sauce.. So it was like a mexican sushi roll.. Except gross as hell. OI. I ended up eating HELLA fast because I thought I was gonna be late (like.. Stuffing everything in my face.. others staring at me) only to be early by 45 min so ended up playing toobz on my iphone. I love that game, and unblock me.. But I am currently stuck on puzzle 9. ugh. Riz is a great sushi place alternative to Bentei nearby which has such a bad rating on urbanspoon (I always see so many people there so I don't know why it is rated 43%.. I'll take one for the team and find out one day).