Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waazubee + Seasons

Waazubee Cafe on Urbanspoon Waazubee Cafe is located along Commercial Drive and has a bunch of burgers, sandwiches, and appys to share. The room is pretty large with an open kitchen. We ordered the trio of hummus to share and I had the chicken sandwich and friend had the burger. The hummus was alright..we both enjoyed it but I love hummus. I went through a bag of pita bread + hummus in sweden in one day. I know, disgusting. But i think it's better than eating a whole cheesecake in one sitting like my friend did =P Then she went on a 600 calorie/day diet.. God, insanity.

Our mains came and they both looked delicious but I had NOO idea how to eat it without making an absolute mess. I guess that it was good I was facing the wall or else I would have looked barbaric. The burger was GIGANTIC. I tried it but could barely eat it and instead just took a bite of the bun. Oi. Friend said if there were any "the" perfect burger, he might have found it here.. But then he went on to say, minus the onions, more tomatoes, lettuce back in, and less mayo. LOL so basically, a different burger but this one came close. He was referring to the meat patty mostly and how it wasn't too big that it's dry and meaty but not too small that you feel ripped off for getting a burger. My sandwich was lovely, but I ended up taking most of it home because the fries and hummus filled me up. Overall, we had a lovely time here.

Seasons in the Park on Urbanspoon What better way to spend family christmas brunch then at Seasons in the Park. It is a beautiful restaurant situated in Queen E Park. Valet parking is 3.50 but if you park yourself, it's only a dollar for 2 hours I think. So don't be lazy and just park yourself. The restaurant reminded me a lot of Horizons on Burnaby Mountain Park. The view is nice.. But I just came back from Europe, so I wasn't as stunned by it as I could have been half a year ago. They have a nice selection of omlettes, benedicts, french toast, crab cakes, etc etc. I ordered the sweet potato hash, mother had eggs benedict with salmon, and father had steak and eggs. Everything was great. Steak was cooked perfectly, the scrambled eggs with that was okay. The Sweet potato hash was really good, I enjoyed it and it was a nice brunch. Prices are a bit expensive but it's a lovely place for special occasions.

Happy olympics everyone! party hardy.