Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Barefoot Kitchen, Bowl of Stars, the Diamond

BareFoot Kitchen on Urbanspoon Barefoot kitchen is a japanese restaurant situated on Davie Street. Upon entering, we were greeted with smiles and enthusiastic welcomes from the waitress and the chef. We sat down by the window and promptly given our menus filled with pictures of the food. I ordered the hamburg and karaage set and friend had the mackeral set. They both came with a soup. I chose corn and she had miso. I really liked the corn soup, it was very very tasty. The set was very big and filling. It also came with a little potato salad as well. I finished all the food and had no complaints. When we were leaving she hastily ran over to open the door for us. She was so cute and kind! I like this restaurant. It doesn't serve THE best food around, but it sure satisfies.

We went to Bowl of Stars accidentally for dessert. We just kept driving and driving and vetoing various other places for dessert that we landed here.. To get a sweet drink. I got the Lychee slush with coconut jelly ( i was low fat coconut jelly but ran out hahahah who am I kidding with getting low fat), and friend got blueberry slush with pearls. They also say they have free wifi but upon asking, they didn't really know the password.. And the password they gave me didn't work :( (I know,.. How lame am I tryin to use wifi when I am hanging with a friend.. But I just got a new phone and wanted to test it out). The drinks were both really good but gave me massive brain freezes. It got a little too sweet at the end for me and the pearls in his drink were not cooked! The restaurant was very quiet but very bright. I think they are known for noodles here , so I would like to try that out one day.

The Diamond on Urbanspoon We went over to the Diamond one night for dessert and drinks. I would never have known this place existed if I wasn't such a foodie (aka crazy about trying new restaurants...cork and fin anyone?). Yes I looked up and I saw the Diamond, but I had no idea where the door was. oi. Anyways, I wanted to try this place out because of their unique cocktails and drinks, but when I pointed this restaurant out to several friends, they never shared the same enthusiasm as me. I guess from the outside, it doesn't exactly boast the best decor (or even any), but inside is a totally different story. It is a fun room with great music and happy and trendy customers. The menu is just a piece of paper with a few selections of food. We found it too cute (the drawings) and had to order the duck noodles even though we had a pretty large meal beforehand. We also ordered a tapioca dessert. I can't believe we got suckered into ordering food from pictures that aren't even real. I don't recall what drinks we ordered but they were quite good.

The duck noodles was loaded with veggies and not enough duck. It was just adequate. The dessert was actually quite big and tasty..but the top part was just too sour. We ate around the top layer. I like the ambience of the room, the food was just o-k, but the drinks were quite enjoyable. I also found there was quite a wait for the food, especially the dessert. Furthermore, a possible downside might be if you sit in the middle, it could get a little uncomfortable for the person sitting on the inside because there's no back to rest on. The group next to me changed seats because of it.