Sunday, March 8, 2009

Long's Noodle House

Note: I realized one of my more popular posts is the one about Tojo's. It wasn't much of a post before so I edited it to be more thorough =) Read Here

Today for lunch, after a couple of unsuccessful closed thai restaurants, we went to Long's Noodle House next to Au Petit Cafe on Main St. On the outside, it's pretty hard to see and usually overshadowed by the popular success of the viet restaurant next door.

Inside is very clean and quaint. There's not of tables but sufficient. There were always a hustle bustle of people coming in and out, some close customers, others just here for a quick lunch. We sat in the back and ordered a couple of dishes- pork noodles, xiao long bao, green onion pancake, beef+herbs rolls, and a fish dish that the waitress recommended.

The noodles were very good- the broth wasn't salty and quite clear, the noodles were thin and delicate. The pork was very tasty. The green onion pancakes didn't have enough onions, it wasn't very good. even the waitress agreed. The beef rolls were the best I thought. They were extremely flavorful.. I ate a lot of them. The xiao long bao were delicate and filled with soup. yumm. I didn't really like the fish dish too much, It was made with another Chinese vegetable herb thing, I don't remember the name. The fish was very smooth ("whact") but obviously it was smooth from the all the oil they used :|

Finally we ordered the sweet pastry dish, It was very delicious.. but one of them had a long white hair in it :| ewuck...

The waitress was so nice and extremely efficient. She was the only one working and she attended to everyone and talked to everyone. She also recommended the drunken chicken for next time. yes I'll prolly come for a next time. The bill came to around 34 not incl tip yet. not bad

This place is great, I think I might actually enjoy here moreso than au petit..

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