Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Space Lounge, Asakusa, Mura

current thought : ugh man I hate getting rick rolled.

I went to space lounge a couple nights ago. The construction down granville has made it really hard for people to walk down further than cellar. I've heard about this place quite a bit but never actually been. We went there for drinks and dessert.. ordered sangria and cheesecake. The room is really cool, it looks like a great place to have a party. There's horoscope things posted all around the room, but hard to read. The waitor was really friendly, and I was in a talkative mood so we had a nice chat throughout.

The sangria was pretty tasty.. until I wanted a pineapple, so I took it and ate it and I got a piece of blonde hair... ughhhhh.. The cheesecake was really good with raspberry coulis. The drink was 26 and cheesecake 7. The room gets better as the night goes on. Will probably check it out again another time.

I went to Asakusa today for a quick dinner. The room is very small with pictures of sushi all around the room. There is a tv on the side, and two sushi chefs at the back. The waitresses are horrible, they don't even ANSWER me. I would order and she would honeslty say Nothing. not even a okay, or yes, or uhhuh. just. *silence*.

We ordered the dragonfly roll, house roll, and philadelphia roll. The food comes and I wasn't very impressed. As large as the rolls were, they didn't seem very fresh. The cooked bbq salmon was very dry and gross, and nothing tasted good. blah. I won't be back.

I went to Mura a couple weeks back in the valley. This place was very clean and fresh. I am honestly beginning to think that the valley has better sushi restaurant than downtown. (:o). We ordered a unagi don and a crunch combo (20 pcs). Although the crunch combo was just adequate, the unagi don wasn't so bad. The place gets busy as lunch hour comes. The sushi chef was also the server. he was very efficient and nice. What a nice little place.