Sunday, March 29, 2009

Szechwan + Rainflower Restaurant

Looking for a place to have lunch today with the family, I came across 5 choices. I decided to settle on RainFlower Restaurant because it was new and sounded like it was worth a try (urbanspoon 100%). but then I accidentally memorized the wrong address and went to Szechwan instead (urbanspoon 0%). fml.

The restaurant is filled with ancient chinese furniture. There is also a very small tv showcasing szchwan food or szcheuan places. (as you can see I can't spell this word, I've already spelt it 3 different ways in the last 2 paragraphs) The servers speak both mandarin and canto adn there are many menus filled with colorful pictures of the dishes. We ordered the dan dan noodles, korean buns, and pork gyozas.

The man kep coughin the ENTIRE time we were there, and he never covered his mouth. One time as he walked past us, he turned his head and coughed AT me. wtf!!! (side note, one time I was in the library on the computers and the girl next to me turns her head at me and sneezes. ... ... My face was just :| and the guy across me just stares :| at me too. gross. and no one was next to her OTHER side. bitch.)

The dan dan noodles I ordered at little spicy was VERY spicy. oi. for me i guess. but it was very tasty, the bottom was just all hot sauce. ahhhh.. The buns were not good, the filling inside was weird, and the pork gyozas were just normal.. We also ordered the deep fried sweet potatoes as dessert. They had no taste but eh.

I vaguely remembered a map I saw for rainflower so we went that way and finally found it. it's across from Sea Harbor (a place where hk celebs go apparently? we saw one, I forget his name). It's right next to Yaohan and I think used to be some sports store. Inside, the front is just a big space with one couch on the side. This is definitely refreshing to the other dim sum restaurants with the small waiting areas in the front. Inside was very very spacious and filled with people at equal distance (I hate being squished). There's a pretty chandelier hanging from the top of the ceiling. The dim sum here is ordered on a little paper booklet given. The food is around 3-5 dollars I think? with Chef Specials around 6-8. There are some pricier dishes as well (for rice and noodles).

We ordered the siu mai, sticky rice, radish and carrot pastry, and a dessert. The siu mai were pretty good, not very big though. The sticky rice was on the dry side unforunately. I wasn't a big fan of the pastry nor the dessert.

The place is comparable to sun sui wah (upscale spacious room) but I think I like sun sui wah's food more, but rainflower's room better. The waitors were okay. There were a lot of close customers. They got the better treatment (obv in any chinese restaurant). I need to make some inner connections.