Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eh! Restaurant

Eh is a restaurant tailored to international students in Vancouver. I stumbled onto it randomly on urbanspoon looking for a place to eat close to burrard. It looked pretty cool so I decided to check it out. My friend got there earlier than me and he could not find the place. Then I started thinking about when I was on Alberni and how I have never seen the place either.. is this some international secret??

then I got there and looked up and I saw it. lol

It's on the 2nd floor of some building by Kobe Steakhouse. We got up there and the room is quite nice. It's very spacious, but the windows are tinted so you can't look outside.. There's a bunch of books lined on the counter. We sat down and she gave us one menu to share. Were they running out of menus? At least it was only one page. The food isn't expensive, around 6-10 dollars I think? There were food such as burgers, fish, honey garlic chicken, wraps, korean bbq stuff. I ordered the lemon snapper for 7.95 and my friend ordered a burger.

The food comes and mine looked reallyy gross.. the lemon snapper had no taste and extremely rubbery. I didn't even bother eating the top part because it just fell off. Also included broccoli and jasmine rice. It didn't help that my plate kept spinning at I ate. wtf. so I stuck a napkin underneath and all was well... but I didn't do that until 3/4 of the way done my meal. The burger was apparently good. It was neat they used foccacia bread as the bun.

meh to eh, it must be some hangout thing for int'l students.

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