Friday, March 13, 2009

Quick post: Tiki Ming (Oakridge)

you know what's embarassing.. sitting on the skytrain and realizing it's the wrong one after 10 minutes (thank god there was maintenance) and having to stand on the other side while having everyone watch you from the skytrain.
You know what else is embarassing.. getting off at a bus stop, walking a block, only to find out the bus also stops there and everyone gets off there and have seen you walking the one block and is now crossing the street together. oi!

I had to go to oakridge today to get a blood test.. I was early and hungry so I went to the food court.. I settled on tiki ming, the chinese place because no one was there and I just wanted something fast. sweet and sour pork + rice, can't go wrong with that at usual Manchuwok. but YUCK. YUCK. the worst I've ever had. rice was so gross and so much sauce and fat and .. ughhhh!!!!! it wasn't even filling. should have settled for a damn burger. there's a line up for A&W for a reason.

There's also a sweets/cake shop in the middle- I didn't get the name but they some REALLY nice/cute cheesecakes, black forest cakes, etc. I saw the black forest cake and I was mesmerized for 5 minutes. So tempted to buy but the commute is way too long for it to look edible when I got home..

after I got my blood test, I was a little weak so i thought a piece of gum could help me, cept it was sugar free gum and then I gave myself an unintended papercut on papers in my bag rummaging for the gum. fml.

i have to get ready to drink my worries away.