Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Food Court

I used to never eat at food court unless it's of dire circumstance. However, I have been running around like crazy and the only thing around is the food court.. not only that but I have to live a frugal life atm so maybe the food here might be okay. Furthermore, you never know what you can discover at Food courts.. just stay away from the normal timmys and burger king, there might be some good food..maybe??

I went to Crystal Mall Food Court today because I needed something super quick- like 20 minutes quick. as many ppl have noted, this is the most cracked out parking lot ever. The worst is the tiny space to go up/down floors. It's a wonder there hasn't been as many car accidents! Then the slanted parking spaces.. one time it took my mother 50 tries because she backed in and she couldn't back in slanted. What a nightmare that was. I guess I could have helped her, since my parking is always slanted haha. I hate parking.

I was there rather early and not everything was opened yet. I don't really eat early (I am a night owl.. unless I have to wake up at like the crack of dawn, then I just don't sleep period- jk..not really) so nothing was really appetizing to me. I settled on xiao long baos for 3.75. Took like 15 minutes.. gah. my father was nice enough to drive me again (I didn't want to take the train) and he got the bbq duck with noodles and also a curry fish balls for me knowing it's my favorite =D frick, I wish I ordered what he got because my xlb wasn't great. It was dry and no juice inside. The curry fish balls were obv yummy and the noodles looked good...

A couple hours later of work, I went to metro to grab somethin to go to rush back to class, I went to Izumi Sushi for a katsu don for around 6 bucks. As I was carrying it away, the sauce leaked out. fml. So i quickly sat down and ate it. omg. this is the worst food court meal, worse than stupid tiki ming! The katsu was inedible!! it was soo dry, falling apart, and tasted funny. It had a little pink to it too which was a little weird. All I could was the rice. UGH. UGH. like honestly, can they serve this mess????