Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shanghai Wonderful + Michele Cake Shop

After the really delicious meal at Long's, I wanted my next asian meal to be of shanghai cuisine. I've always seen shanghai wonderful since it is quite noticeable with the blue and yellow and the large chinese character displayed prominently on the front of the restaurant.

We didn't made a reservation and had to wait awhile, 20 minutes? The place is really busy with a large flow of people, but the waiting area is sooo cramped it's horrible. We finally got a seat and it was a secluded booth. It was good seating although the service was nonexistant. We had to wave everyone down and even then it was a little difficult.

We ordered the pork noodles, xiao long bao, beef rolls, sticky rice siu mai, and this dish that I can't remember the name to. ugh, it's reminscent of elastic rubber bands and served as a cold appetizer. I think the famous dish at this restaurant is the duck, so try it when you come. They also have a long list of desserts and other dishes such as rice and noodles and chinese doughnut and soy milk.

The beef rolls were filled with ingredients and not enough sauce. So it tasted like subway to me (beef and cucumbers), it was fresh at least. The xiao long bao were juicy and full of soup but the soup was a little salty for me. The pork noodles was nice except the pork was fried really badly, the fried part was falling off.. there were a lot of pork pieces though. The sticky rice siu mai were ok.. nothing to boast about. All in all, the food at Long's was 100x better.

It cost around 31 dollars incl tips+tax. relatively same prices as long's. The only thing I liked more at Shanghai was the ambience, but other than that.. I'll opt for Long's Noodle House instead

Afterwards, we stopped over at Michele Bake shop near the Richmond Public Market. The shop is relatively small with a ton of mousse cakes and cheesecakes. I bought mocha, blueberry, and mango mousse cake to go. Together they cost a bit over 8 dollars.. a little expensive? They were pretty good, not super sweet, but not super tasty either.. I think my favorite cake shop is La Patisserie on 41 (? I think it was)

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