Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Green Basil

I went there last summer I think and found the food reminscent of Manchuwok.. but maybe that's what happens when you order sweet and sour chicken with pineapple. Anything sweet and sour usually reminds me of manchuwok. After stupid traffic jam and early morning, I didn't have enough time to try out Makoto (next week!) and I remembered how fast my food came from Green Basil so I decided to try this again. My father was kind enough to drive me to metrotown area (from the valley!!!) because I had something to do, so I decided to take him to this cheap thai restaurant. We were the first ones there, which was good, to beat the lunch hour rush!

When I first went in, the people in the kitchen was Extremely loud! Like Fighting Loud. but I don't think they were but the tone/attitude sure sounded like it.. but cantonese sounds pretty brute tho. (side note- afterhours club bathroom, 2 asian women speaking really sharply/loudly/crazy canto but they were just having a convo, but my caucasian friend thought they were fighting oi. cuz to her it sounded like BITCHIMGONNAKNOCKHERTOTHEGROUNDWHOREFACE but she was actually saying wear these sunglasses! can you do my makeup first? then lets go out and dance.. lol..)

ANYWAYS, we ordered a pad thai and coconut curry with chicken. The soup came like 2 seconds after, it was really really sour.. then the springs roll/salad that I didn't like.. the mains came like 2 minutes after. The curry was surpringly really good! I could have eaten the whole thing! It was sweet and I loved all the ingredients used-- it was like pineapple, potato, yams, mmm! thinking about it is making me drool. Why do I like curry so much? it's like a weakness of mine.. that and fried food. such weird weaknesses.

The pad thai, I didn't eat because I was wayyy too full but my dad said the noodles weren't cooked completely. ehh. The guy next to me came and went, I swear in 15 minutes. We stayed there for less than an hour. that is how fast the food comes out here. They even have water lined up in 3 long rows ready for the lunch hour ppl.

The food is around 6.95-9 (if you order a chef special). Go here if you don't want food court yet want a super super fast meal.. and curry! mmm!!

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