Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Billy's Revisited

This is probably the most hilarious thing I've seen recently (well.. the evil look baby is the funniest) but I've watched it like 10 times now HAAH. it's so catchy. I love pharrell williams (he tried to get a big mac even tho it was 6 in the morning so he started dancing and singing but then they just leave LOL)

ok anyways, yesterday we tried to go to de dutch but we got there at 2:31, and it closes at 2:30. fml. so we went to little billy's for lunch because nothing else sounded good.
The place was empty (obv, it was almost 3), the service was super nice and friendly. she was chatty and personable but not like too intrusive. Although there were a couple dirty utensils/glasses, they were replaced. I had the lasagna and friend had soup/sandwich they were both 9 dollars.

The lasagna was good, cept it was really dinky compared to the salad. like really really small.. I don't like eating salads at restaurants so i was wishing I changed it to fries or smth. friend said it was a normal sandwich but the soup was very very good- well seasoned.

We also had a piece of cheesecake for 8 dollars. it was too dense for friend, but I liked it =) although, it got a little filling after awhile.

I like how there's a higher class restaurant at this part of town, it gives hope to the rest of burnaby lol. jk