Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kura Japanese

I went to Kura in the little mall by Metrotown Yesterday. Outside, it is semi easy to miss as it looks like all the other stores next to it. But inside is a whole different story. It was extremely spacious and it had a dark cave feel inside. I really liked the ambience :) The seating was interesting, with two person tables in the middle sitting on a diagonal and the seats had cool bendy back rest.. but there was absolutely no room! I ate my meal with my jacket and purse on my lap :(

We ordered the unagi don and kyoto and rainbow roll. They have a lot of sashimi and carpaccio. but I needed a quick lunch and wanted something different as well. The rolls were around 8.95 and the unagi don was 10 i think. There were two servers.. I think they need one more because the place was extremely packed! they were running around like crazy but they were so cute. Everything they said was exaggerated it reminded me of the servers at Kamei Royale. I don't know how to explain but like she came over with our packed up lunch and she wa slike "oooOoOoOo leeeffttoohhhhverrrrrrsss ooOoooO" LOL and I swear she did that with everything, it was really cute! haha

The unagi don was pretty good, lots of pieces of unagi. The rolls were o-k. Nothing compares to Sagano Sushi, but they were nicely assembled and presented. I didn't know the rainbow roll had wasabi dressing covered on top. I couldn't eat anymore of it after one bite. If you like wasabi, this is for you! The ingredients didn't seem very fresh.. but they were adequate.

This place seems extremely popular for lunch, so try to come here after the lunch rush.. try to avoid the washroom.. it's really dingy and I think it was also used as storage so I was kinda creeped out that there might be someone behind the cabinets (obv I don't think there were...)

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