Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pasta Polo, Taste nice, Ikea

yaaaa school is almost over. wat a freaking hectic crazy semester its been but I won't bore you with the details.. on with the food!

I went to Pasta Polo last week. The room is really spacious and it seems to be a family style restaurant. They have some pretty realistic lemon/olives above the bar- or at least we think so! the big lemon had all the ridges in it and errthing! (that's my gangster way of saying everything.. keep that in mind. hah)

They have a pretty extensive menu but at lunch they have specials for 9.95 I think. I ordered the Chicken lasagna with fries and friend ordered chicken canneloni with broccoli and cheddar soup. They didn't charge extra for the soup! score (It was supposed to be salad).

The food took a bit of a time to get out.. but it was semi worth the wait. The food was very good, well to me anyways haha .. or I was just real hungry. it was a little filling/hearty but that's what happens with pasta and cheese right. The also have a relatively good list of desserts for 6.95? ya I think so..

A couple days back, me and a friend headed to Taste Nice Caribbean in Surrey because it was the only restaurant I could find close to a skytrain and surrey. Personally to me, I don't find Surrey ghetto, but that's just because I am from an even more ghetto place. At least Surrey has a skytrain to connect them to Vancouver. I have to take a freaking train.. then a bus!
Anyways... is it true that Kiss yo Mama is closing?? this restaurant has been like one of the first restaurants I've always wanted to try since I started to like eating out.. We just never had the time to go check it out =(

The restaurant had a very laid back feel.. there was only one other table filled, and they were older Jamaican ladies.. so we thought it would be good and authentic. The service was really nice, tryin to start conversations.. but too bad all their curry were sold out. We had to resort for jerk chicken. I also ordered a Jamaican patty. Oh ya, and my friend had a Ting, jamaican's leading soda. They ran out of some other soda.

The jamaican patty was okay.. nothing special, the jerk chicken was pretty flavorful I guess. Spicy and full of chicken and potatoes. My jamaican prof brought beef, chicken, and vegetarian patties for class and they were soo much better than these ones. She said it's in this little shop in Shaungnessy ran by a Jamaican man. They were very flavorful and a little spicy, but very good. Maybe try that out, I forget the name tho

When we were leaving to pay, we wanted to pay separately but then the lady just goes "aren't you going to pay for her? " in her boisterious jamaican voice and stands there. thank god he's a good friend of mine but it was just so direct.. got a little offensive too. and most likely awkward if it was someone I was just okay friends with. I think it's because I am asian, our cultures are so different so witnessing people who are more direct and vocal in things like that makes me uncomfortable. eh..

I've always wanted to go to IKEA for food since I've heard about how cheap it was. Before going home, I stopped by here for a quick dinner. It's basically just a food court. I just had a swedish meatballs and fries for 2.99 .. umm it was good for its price haha. and then the almond cake for 2.49 I think and that was really yummy, almond and crunchy and delicious. The garlic bread for 50 cents was standard. I just didn't like the blueberry drink. The food here isn't sensational but it sure is good for its price!!
I can't wait to go to Sweden. 5 more months!!!!!