Sunday, April 5, 2009

I m alive.

I m deathly sick and will most likely not update this site for another couple weeks. sorry. I have no time to go out and eat anyways.

funny though, I went to stupid oakridge again and to my happy surprise, that crap tiki ming I blogged about a month back is now closed and reopening as another chinese restaurant. good luck, I hope you don't serve any more crappy ass sweet and sour pork.

random note: couple days ago this guy in a car next to me thought I was smiling at him and started smiling back at me. I was actually smiling at a resturant LOL. you know you're a foodie when.. you get happy when you discover a restaurant you hadn't seen before but heard about. hahhaahahaha. oops. ohhh annapurna =)

to leave it off, here's a pic of some steak rolls I made.. mm delicious