Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chinese + Indian (Bo Kong, Bombay Bhel, Chili Pepper House)

CHINESE: For my mother's birthday, she chose to go to Bo Kong Vegetarian place on Main st. My parents had been before with a big group and loved it. They found the food to be extremely inventive and delicious.

Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant (Main) on Urbanspoon The restaurant is bustling with people, I realized most of them were caucasian.. but maybe it was the time we were eating at ? (5ish). The server was really nice, found it funny his name tag said man. (yaya i know that man is a chinese name but still :P). We ordered an orange dish which I found to be Extremely delicious! The sauce was very tasty and the veggie made into meat had good texture. That was my favorite dish. The rest were meh-- eggplant, taro+pork, and some 'meat' platter. The cheese rice was quite something. You have to pre order it and whoa. When it came, it was just a mountain of cheese. Inside is filled with rice and taro and other stuff. As much as I love cheese, this was too cheesy for me. Oh and I also had a very tasty and great noodles dish

Cool restaurant, try it sometime (All bo kong food pics and more can be found on my flickr)

CHINESE-INDIAN: Tonight I went to Chili Pepper House, this place has one of the worst parking lot ever. Definitely need some amazing parking skills since backing in is needed. or else you'd have to back up to go out. If it was me driving, I'd probably park on the streets and walk.. i have horrible parking skills (kinda off topic but humorous: my friend is soo bad at driving she got pulled over cuz the police officer thought she was drunk LOL She was driving like she was intoxicated when she wasn't, she was just trying to drive properly). We didn't know what to order so the lady worker asked us what we liked and suggested a bunch of dishes. There's a lot of people at this restaurant-- ranging from indian, to chinese, to caucasian. We got the pakora combo (chicken and veggie) with chutney. the Chutney was too spicy for me so I ate it plain so I got more flavor and it was too salty for me. Although the chicken one was pretty tasty. The beef dish was okay, and the rice dish was normal. Everyone ordered dessert after (ice cream with wafer, or fried banana/pineapple). I was so tempted but I held back. I have to go dress shopping.

INDIAN: Bombay Bhel on Urbanspoon My absolute favorite indian place in Vancouver is Bombay Bhel. Although I haven't been to too many, after discussion with many others, they also agree that Bombay Bhel is delicious. Last time I came here, I had the curry and rice and she gave me naan as well it was sooo good, friend had chicken wings and fries I think and it was delicoius. I came here one day because it was close to apt hunting. I ordered a lamb curry with naan bread and friend ordered the vegetarian platter: An assorted traditional platter of rice, dal, raita, papadum, rice pudding. I think there's more but I don't remember what they were. My lamb curry was tasty with enough spiciness for me. The naan bread is soo good here. mmm. My friend didn't like the vegetarian platter so much.. but I dno.. she usually eats lasagna and grilled cheese or mac + cheese so I dno if I can take her opinion :P I got a bit of taste of hers and I found it perfectly fine.. the rice pudding was very good actually. Anyways, we went to pay and I think my friend was talking about junos and then the waitress just starts talking about how she almost could go to britney spears but couldn't and all this stuff. We were like..??
then we left, and she chased us down 2 blocks because my friend forgot her jacket. wow! dedication! you are amzing waitress lady. When people left things at my ex sushi restaurant, I don't think I would ever run after them. but that's also because.. everyone drives in abby.. I am not running down the streets just to return a pair of sunglasses.

see what I did there, I linked two different cuisines together :D anyways up next: lobby lounge, unwine'd, crave, wall flower. I finished school and I am on my eating craze again. but after that one time when I ate at freaking 12 restaurants.. I can't even finish a small plate anymore.. I think that day really ruined me. oi.

ps 200th post. wow. meaning 200+ restuarants I've been to in the last couple years. I've wasted so much money on the food industry.. it's all good :)