Saturday, April 25, 2009

North Burnaby Wonton House + Bubble World

North Burnaby Wonton House on Urbanspoon I went to North Burnaby Wonton House near Hong Sushi and Socrates for lunch one day. Apparently Michael Buble ventures here a lot. My friend saw him once but had no idea who he was.. but yet he was more excited to see tony parsons one time. Lol..

The restaurant is medium sized ran by a family. We sat by the window and were given one menu with the lunch specials. They were normal stuff- chow mein, noodles, rice, sweet+sour pork, etc. I had the gong chow ngau hor (stir fried noodles?) friend had the ho fun (noodles with beef). I don't think the lady said even one word to us. While we were ordering, she was on the phone and did one head nod to acknowledge us. The specials were around 5.95 I think. It comes with a soup.

There were people coming in and out as we ate. My noodles were greasy as hell. But that's how it is I guess. The ho fun was okay. apparently it was left over from the night before (you can tell from how the noodles look? i dno) . I could only eat half of my dish and got the rest packed up to eat for dinner. I don't know, it was normal food. meh.

We went to bubble world in Coquitlam after because I wanted something sweet. I think I've only been to bubble world once and it was at school because someone coerced me to. I don't like bubble tea.. those pearls are too chewy for me. but I went hoping to get something without pearls. I saw the tofu dessert (dou fu fa) and knew I was getting that. I thought it was going to be a dessert but no no it was gonna be drinkable!! He used a whole tofu dessert and mixed it with the usual syrup stuff you put on tofu dessert as the drink part. Needless to say, this was Hella sweet. but delicious. I drank it in 1 minute. It's definitely not something I can have everyday (sugar overload?) but it was a good treat.