Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lobby Lounge at Shangri La

For my mother's birthday, I decided to treat her to the chi spa at shangri la . So eating at the lobby lounge was obviously the ideal thing to do. I find Shangri La to be such a beautiful place, great attention to detail, and impossible to find errors. Customer Satisfaction is obviously number one on their list and you can definitely tell with the greeting of an employee every 10 steps.

Lobby Lounge is a beautiful room with extremely comfortable seating and food served morning-afternoon-dinner. We ordered the set lunches of 3 dishes for 22 dollars each. I had the yam fries, shepherd's pie, and cheesecake. Mother had the soup, halibut, and tart.

The food came a good time. My yam fries were very good because I love yams and fries :) the soup was apparently just okay.. reminscient of canned soup.. The shepherd's pie was extremely tasty but I was sooo full from the fries I couldn't finish it. So I decided to take it to go. The halibut was on the dry side, but had a delicious sauce. The cheesecake was normal, and the tart was okay, the shell was extremely hard.

As we were eating, water began dripping into the room.. at first it was just a little, but then it built up and buckets had to be retrieved to get the water. This happened at the window next to us, and then the other window on the other side of us began dripping water in too! I don't know, I was extremely surprised since I didn't think this place could go any wrong haha.

Another thing, the room was extremely spacious with a lot of tables not filled up. Maybe it is a policy but they sat customers right next to each other. I mean there were three tables, we sat on the far right. and then they sit these other individuals in the center tables, leaving the left ones unoccupied. I don't know. It was just a little uncomfortable seeing as how many unoccupied tables there were (there was one talbe sitting on the other side, so I don't know why they couldn't sit people near them as well). If the place was hella busy, I would understand, but I don't feel like being stared at by the people next to me and evesdropping on our converstaion (they went silent and stared at us as we spoke .).

Last thing, So I got my shepherd's pie packed up, and it was a little liquidy.. They should have used more of a soup container instead of a square cardboard box. Needless to say, I opened it up and it was just goop. How is that even edible? I threw it out :(

I like this place, but there were some things I wasn't too pleased with.. meh.

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