Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unwine'd and Marcello

Last wkd, me and my friend ventured to unwine'd once again for dinner. I've been here a couple times only to be served okay food. Since we had a coupon, we thought this would be a good choice. I generally like the ambience of the room. It has a nice bar and eating area with tv at the bar for ppl to watch the game. There's also a patio. The menu was short and the food sounded just okay. We ordered two appetizers. the sablefish+crab fritters for 14 dollars and ricotta cheese gnochi for 15 dollars. Since we just ate at wallflower last night for food that didn't even cost up to 14 bucks.. the prices were a little inflated for us..

The fritters come and they are sooo freaking dinky. They were NOT worth 14 dollars!!! They were really salty and the middle was just a buncha fennel. I don't like fennel so I just ate 3 tiny little salty fritters. The gnochi comes which looks more like a dish.. except they tasted funny.. me and friend both agreed. We definitely liked the mushroom and asparagus that came along wayy more. they were very tasty. We also ordered a dessert.. apple and peanut crumble (I Think) with honey ice cream. The crumble was really dry imo. i wasn't a fan.

For someone who doesn't like to repeat a restaurant so much since Vancouver has such a wide variety of restaurants. I am still confused as to why I've been here 3 times.

I went to Marcello for lunch today. We ordered a pasta and pizza to share. Talk about delicious greasy filling goodness!! The pasta was spaghetti and spaghetti sauce and clams. yumm.. There were a sufficient portion of clams, they dish was 14 bucks. There was so much oil .. The pizza was yummy it was salami baking cheese with tomato sauce. I loved the crust.. it was flat and tasty. I dno if I was just extremely hungry, but it was a great satisfying meal