Monday, April 27, 2009


My oven is self cleaning at the moment (ya I know it's 1 in the morning.. I didn't know it was going to take 3 freaking hours.. first time doing it). so I might as well recap on two more restaurants I've recently been to..

I've wanted to go to Shiro on Cambie for quite some time now but everytime I went, it was closed :( but I finally got to try this place out last week :)

The restaurant is pretty small with the sushi bar right in the middle. The menu is not overloaded with crazy random rolls, everything is straightforward and the norm. Looking around, it seems like people come here to eat the lunch boxes. There were many various types of boxes, each with things such as tempura, sushi rolls, sashimi, udon, katsu, etc etc.

We ordered the unagi don, chicken teriyaki roll, and a sushi box. The unagi don was okay. The unagi was a little mushy.. The chicken teriyaki roll fell apart when I picked it up... or parts of it stuck to other rolls when I picked it up.. oi. And the sushi box.. the salad was really sad.. a couple pieces of broccoli and a tomato slice and tofu.. the sushi, once again, fell apart. and the main was rice wrapped in tofu I am guessing. In picture it looked like chicken karrage so that was what I was expecting! why didn't I bother reading the description :( The sashimi looked not fresh and the tuna tasted funny... sour.. so we sent it back and the sushi chef cut us new pieces of tuna that looked fresher. He wasn't mad or pissed about it, he even smiled and apologized.

My favorite part was that they gave us a small packet of pockys with the bill. Although I don't eat pockys (When i was reallyyy young, I heard it gives you cancer so I never ate one again. I was so young and naive. Who knew that everything causes cancer), it was better than the usual mint.

Yuji's Japanese Tapas on Urbanspoon I went to Yuji's last week after the army and navy shoe sale (It was hella cheap I know but people buying 43 pairs and basket fulls? crazyyy). I am pretty good at directions and can usually walk around and hit my desired destination.. so I usually don't memorize addresses. For some reasons I totally forgot where Yuji's was and got it mixed up with another sushi restaurant. bahhh. Thank god my friend is smarter than me and got there on time so I got my reservation points :). The room is small but very sophisticated and classy. The waitresses are all very nice, except some wear WAYYYY too much makeup. There weren't many people there, and we went around 6:00.. Most people seem to be sitting at the sushi bar.

The menu sounded delicious. I wanted to order everything in that menu.. damn so hard to choose. I chose Sweet potato fries, mexican roll, papaya roll, masugo +avo crepe, kobe beef, and I think that's it..

The food came SUPER fast. Wow, impressive. like 5 minutes after we ordered, the food came out. And man was it ever delicious. The mexican roll was differnet, it was chicken and rice and some other stuff wrapped in corn tortilla with salsa dipping sauce. It was probably my least favorite dish.. but still eat-worthy. For the price (6 bucks maybe?) there were only 4 pieces..
The papaya roll was soo good. It was rolled PERFECTLY! It didn't fall apart, the rice to filling ratio was perfect, and it looked like sushi (not too small and mushed or crazy big etc). and I love fruit in my sushi so it was yummy. too bad that there were only 5 pieces.

The crepe also looked a little like sushi, but once I put it all in my mouth, it just melted. I think there was too much avocado.. but still, it was good . The kobe beef was okay. I am not a huge fan of kobe beef but it was alright for 12 bucks.

My favorite were the fries. They were basically tempura but they were perfectly fried. the batter didn't fall apart nor were there too much batter. It was seasoned with salt and had ketchup and some other dipping sauces. It was soooo delicious. I ate so many.

I think I love Yuji's. What a great meal. Too bad everything is in such small portions..