Thursday, May 7, 2009

i m missing so much (misc post)

have you ever seen diners drive ins and dives?
I recently got tv and channels up to 60 so all i've been doing is watching foodtv when I have time. and that show is amazing. Maybe I am just hungry right now but I mean, homemade bagels! famous cheese skirt burger! yumm!

I need to do some type of american road trip and hit up all these diners.. ahhhh.

to make this post semi vancouver related- everyone should hit up pinkys on Mondays for 50% off their entire food menu!! also Db is presenting a 20 dollar burger combo on game days

I haven't eaten out much recently. it's just been work/school/foodtv/sleep haha. but here's a picture of some lovely coconut cupcakes I made a while back