Saturday, May 9, 2009


Blowfish Sushi & Japanese Food on Urbanspoon Blowfish is a relatively new japanese restaurant by playland. I've seen it sooo many times on the bus dt and it really caught my eye. The orange sign and the name and hte fish logo. I knew I had to try it one day.. We went there a couple days ago and I think I had too high of expectations.

I was SOO excited to go here, I don't know why. I think it's because I looked at their website and their pictures and the blog posts gave me an impression that this place would be dedicated, excited about their business, and mixed with delicious food.

The room is very very small. It seems more like a take out place with the minimal decoration and cramped room.. We sat down and there was another table there as well. The service was in my opinion pretty awful. She wasn't rude, but she was hella rushed and didn't seem to want to serve us. She never smiled and she gave one word answers to us the entire time. Didn't look at us when she talked either.

We ordered the saba shiro roll (mint leaf and fish), house roll (crab meat, shrimp, salmon, etc), U&T roll (unagi avocado), and the chicken curry dish. We waited for a bit, and then before we got our first roll order, she then tells us they had no chicken curry left .. gee that took a while. and she began telling me at least 5 steps away. so before she even got to our table, she was spewing "sorry we have no more chicken curry left" I didn't even know she was talking to me in the beginning!

so we ordered the dragon roll instead.. another unagi avocado type roll..
The rolls were nice with sufficient filling. Although the saba one was really really disgusting, neither of us could finish it. It was like salty and minty at once.. weird taste. The two special rolls (U&T and dragon) had great sauce and were delicious.. but I usually love everything with unagi in it!

oh and lastly, I had the 1.75 mango cheesecake... it was okay.

I guess I should have tried other food such as udon or teriyaki or rice bowls, but mehh I felt like sushi. but to me, it is just mediocore, and service just made it worse =( Oh and also, I saw on their website that if you spend over 10 dollars, you get a stamp. and with 10 stamps, you get a free dinner box. For 30 dollars worth of food I didn't even get one stamp =(

oh I went to irish heather yesterday.. my friend's phone ran out of batteries so she waited 15 minutes for me =S but the owner was really nice and gave her a glass of water to wait and when I was only a few steps away, he even opened the door for me and knew I was the friend waiting. Too bad the room was full, so he took us to Whiskey Shebeen (?) place. It was a little stuffy but it was okay after. The place is smaller and more casual barsy like. We sat at the bar and had a couple drinks and fries. Our friend was also meeting us so the owner said he'll tell her to come here when she gets here. She didn't get here until half an hour after and she couldn't find it, so she walked back and forth over and over again until he went outside and asked her if she was our friend. lol. he was really nice, he came over after awhile and asked us how everything was. I would love to come back one day for food at irish heather =)