Sunday, May 31, 2009

Burger Heaven + Estea

I went to Burger Heaven last week. I have read great reviews so I decided it was worthy of a try. Although I am not much of a burger person (I don't know how to eat it without looking like a barbarian) I was tempted to try one of the more unique burgers. Aside from the normal beef burgers, they also provide ostrich, kangaroo, and elk burgers. If I didn't try one of those, I also wanted to try a hawaiian burger (pineapple and some other stuff.. yummy)

The place isn't too big but it seems like it has a long history. With all the pictures around the room, you can tell that they have had a lot of business for a very very long time. While we were there, the tables were constantly filled. I had the elk burger and friend had kangaroo. It comes with a salad and either potato or yam wedges. I think the burger was around 15-16 dollars?

So the meal comes and it looks pretty hearty. The salad seemed very fresh and the yam wedges were very delicious. I didn't find the burger *that* big. Like, it was manageable haha. The elk burger came with a pear and apple chutney. It was nice, but I found the elk patty to be really dry.

Then we went to Estea for drinks. The room is really large and looked pretty comfortable. I saw a lot watermelon and papaya and other fruits lined up.. so the stuff is definitely fresh!. I tried to order a tofu drink.. they had none. then i tried to order the pineapple drink.. they have none. then the papaya drink.. none. omfg. so I settled for a boring watermelon/orange.

friend had this bubble tea drink.. the pearls were still brown!!! they were not even done cooking yet. My drink was ok..
I'd like to come back one day for food, and hopefully they would have the drink I want! although they were rather pricey (5.75?)

*side note, I used my brother's nice camera..omgosh i m missing out on so much. the pictures look so professional. pictures up later. it's been a hectic couple weeks! and it's gonna get worse. bah.