Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Diva at the Met + Au Wing Kee

I had to work on Mother's day so instead, I decided to have brunch with my mother at Diva because the food sounded good and I've always wanted to eat here. The other times I've been here were for drinks and dessert.. where we accidentally undertipped the super nice bartender.. so we went again to over tip to compensate. haha

Diva at the Met on Urbanspoon When we walked in, I felt ignored,the bartender saw me (also a server) but after she looked at me, she didn't even say hi, she just went on to serve others. Yes she saw me, because I smiled at her and was about to be taken to our table, but she just turned away after. leaving me feeling like an idiot for smiling. We stood for a good 3 minutes before she finally spoke to us again. not a hi, but just "are you here for brunch". great service..?

When we finally sat down, I ordered the french toast and my mother ordered the salmon omelette. When he asked me what version I wanted (blueberry or banana), I asked him which one was better . and he just histitantly said the banana one. For such an award winning dish, I would have thought there would be more enthusiam or preference. Gee I don't know, a "oh the banana/blueberry is very delicious." etc. would have been nice.

We got our food, and he just left without much else and no we never saw him much again. Instead of french toast, I received pancakes. wtf. I didn't feel like waiting around to get my real order, nor was my server anywhere to be seen anways, so I didn't say anything, and since these were 'award winning', I might as well try it. I have no idea how it was award winning. The batter was still a little mushy, and you can probably get the same, if not better pancakes, elsewhere. The omelette was apparently okay, except the salmon was dry.
The egg part was really pretty.

When we got our bill, I decided to sit for a little longer, but right when I opened the thing to look at the bill, 5 seconds he was back to take my credit card. So... we don't see you much for our whole meal, yet you are so hurried to take our bill and get us on our way? The room wasn't even full! there were what, 4 other tables?


Au Wing Kee (Burnaby) on Urbanspoon I went to Au Wing Kee in Burnaby for a quick dinner. The room is typical chinese restaurant.. not overly clean but sufficient. They have lunch time specials and normal chinese food like congee, noodles, and rice. I saw curry fish ball and I had to get it. As well, we got tang jai congee + chinese donut, beef brisket curry + rice, and wonton mein. One of them was a special and came with a soup.

The curry fish ball were not the ones that are usually used :( I don't like this kind.. it was too smooth. The curry was okay tasting. It had flavor and a kick of spiciness. but I prefer deer garden/mui garden's curry much more. The beef brisket curry was cold and tasted funny.
I ate mostly the congee because I ordered it, even though it was probably one of the worst teng jai congee's I've ever eaten. It was extremely liquidy ('hei') like barely any rice, and the various ingredients inside were a little weird tasting at times. The chinese donut was fine. We took most things to go.

Even so, there were many people still coming in for dinner. My parents love the au wing kee in vancouver, so I don't know. Maybe it was an off night. I need to go to a place with decent service and great food soon.. ugh.