Sunday, May 24, 2009

Slickety Jim's + True Confections

Yesterday was sooo nice, it made me so happy. I was smiling the entire time for no reason haha. It's so true that there's a correlation between the weather and your mood. I remember 4(?) years ago when we had that record setting rainfall in the valley and I was sooo grumpy for no reason. People would ask me wat's wrong and I'd say it's the weather. then they thought I was being dumb and mocked me but it's TRUE!

Slickety Jim's Chat n' Chew on Urbanspoon Anyways.. we went to main to go shopping and stopped by slickety Jim's Chat and Chew. I've read mixed reviews about this place but it was the first place the bus arrived to and we were starving. The decor is really funky with a ton of pictures and clocks, and art, and clowns. it was really cool, but I wasn't fond of them clowns.

There weren't a lot of seats but somehow it still worked out, even when there was a group of 6 waiting behind me. No one had to wait a long time. The menu is pretty long with a ton of various breakfast items. They have quite a lot of eggs benny. So I decided to go for the bomb and a bull. It was eggs benny with proscuitto and gryerye cheese (?). Friend got the daily special which was spinach chorizo sausage and some other cheeses. They were both 9.75 and came with potatoes.
You can have the poached eggs soft medium or hard. We both chose medium

The food came at a good time and was pretty good and satisfying. Although I found mine a little salty due to proscuitto and cheese. The special was very good apparently. The eggs were poached perfectly. I loved the potatoes. They were seasoned lightly (so not salty at all) and they were cooked perfectly. I hate places that undercook potatoes.

All in all it was a good start to our day. The service was really nice and laid back. cool

Then it was so sunny we changed our plans to go lie on the beach at english bay. We stopped by true confections first for a piece of cake. We shared a pina colada cheesecake that took FOREVER to come. I saw it sitting there on the counter for 20 minutes. I have no idea where the service was. So I went and was about to take it and then she came out and apologized and changed the piece for a new one because she also realized it's been sittin out for awhile. ugh.
It was really rich and it was just okay.

More Sun TODAY! I'll actually be genuinely smiling today at work.. although I will be inside... .. :(