Monday, May 18, 2009

Greek Islands + the Keg (abby)

Greek islands on Urbanspoon the last time I went to greek islands, I was in elementary school and it was for a birthday party. I just recall not liking greek food so I decided to order the lobster. and the birthday girl's dad was paying for us. Yes, now I feel bad.

A couple weeks ago, we had tried to go there for lunch.. but we walked in and realized they weren't open (why were the doors unlocked?? ) oops, we ran back out.

Last night we tried once more, although I wanted to go to Restaurant 62. It was very busy but we got a table quickly. Their entrees range from 15-30 dollars... with the most expensive dishes being steaks or lobsters. I ordered the greek ribs for 19 dollars and my friend had the beef souvlaki for 16. They came with a soup (lemon rice soup that was not very good), caesar salad (too much dressing), pita bread (warm, soft, and delicious), potatoes, veggies, and rice. It was actually a lot of food!

the beef souvlaki was pretty normal. beef was cooked nicely. The ribs were very tender, however it was too salty. I wasn't a huge fan of it.. and thought I should have stuck with my normal lamb souvlaki instead.. Oh, we also ordered a kalamari appetizer to share for 8 dollars. It was rather small though, but the pieces were fried quite nicely.

Afterwards, we went to the Keg for desserts. This is another place I hadn't been to since elementary school. It has changed a lot! I ordered the apple crumble and friend had the billy miner pie (some chocolate ice cream pie). The desserts were very delicious! the pie was hugeee. my apple crumble was very warm and tasted great with the ice cream. The apples were a little sour but no biggy. the pie was moussey and light. yumm..