Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phnom Penh + Sagano (picture post)

I went to Phnom Penh again because my brother is back and we wanted to take him somewhere that was unique and delicious (since hk is full of cheap good food). I don't really feel like blogging about this place since I already have so I'll just put up the pics and maybe some side notes. enjoyy
yummy 9 layer dessert cake. Homemade and as waitress says : made with care and heart.
Vietnamese spring rolls that I wasn't too fond of
beef luc loc and rice. VERY oily. but delicious.
Curry and bread. not enough sweet potatoes like last time =(

also had pho and chicken wings but I've already taken pics of those so I didn't feel like repeat.

I also went back to my fave jap restaurant a while ago. It was good to see they had more business. Here's wat we had..
Ebi Su ..although I actually ordered ebi gyoza.
Seafood Udon: the seafood not fresh and scarce.
Snow White Roll.. didn't really like the coconut

Paradise Roll. DELICIOUS! I now love gomae