Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Makoto + Sushi Town

today was such a sunny day. so I was wearing my sunglasses, but they were so tinted that I walked right into a sprinkler... on a busy street. omg. fml I was wearing a white dress today.

Makoto on UrbanspoonMakoto is a small japanese restaurant that is close to where I live. I've seen great reviews and even better pictures of sushi from this place. Since I am a sucker for crazy weird rolls (I know it's not authentic, but they make for a good picture!!), I knew I had to go here one day.

We got there pretty early, the room is small with a sushi bar at the back. There's a huge plant on the right of the entrance. I had to side step the plant to get to where I sat. unless they didn't want people to walk that side.. oops. (random but that reminds me of the time I saw a construction sign at coal harbour saying no walking and I disregarded it because I thought the 'construction man' was a homeless and he was walking there . oops. no one said anythin!)

Anyways, the menu was pretty sufficient with rolls, teriyaki, tempura, appys, combos, etc etc. Nothing was extremely expensive. I believe the most expensive was only 13 dollars. We decided to order just rolls- so we got the volcano roll (spicy scallops?), dragon roll (unagi), and the paradise roll (mango).

The paradise roll came and it was just cali with mango on top. the mango was very sweet so I really liked it. The volcano roll came next and wow. pretty! It tasted like what I would assume a volcano roll tasted like (wow what a weird description..) I mean that like it wasn't refreshing, it was warm and had a bit of kick from the spicy scallops. different, not my fave, but still good.

The last roll took a while to come but the chef was probably busy creating this masterpiece. Although the rolls itself were small (the middle one was hollowed out!), it sure was pretty! but I've had better dragon rolls. but for the price (i believe 9.75?) it wasn't too bad.

If I ever have time or if I don't feel like walking a mile (I am exaggerating.. sort of) to elsewhere, I will definitely come back =) also, they do not accept credit card..

I also went to Sushi Town in Coquitlam last week. They have a sushi town on Hastings that I have ventured last semester. This sushi town, I believe, used to be a noodle shop. The room is very very big and it sure filled up fast! During the time we were there, people were bustling in very quickly and every table were ordering at large amounts! This place must be a bang for your buck (is that the saying? I don't even know haha). We ordered a potato croquette, double dragon roll (I think that's what it was called), the spider roll, and a seafood udon.

The potato croquette was very yummy. It had a thin crunchy outer and soft warm inner filled with potatoey goodness. The rolls weren't very good though... I found the dragon roll to be extremely mushy .. both the avocado and unagi was really mushy.. The spider roll had lack of crab. or it was there but it was very chewy. The seafood udon was pretty good. Lots of seafood! :)