Saturday, June 27, 2009

Las Margaritas + Sophie's

Las Margaritas Mexican on Urbanspoon After Salsa & Agave, I had been craving mexican food and really wanted to go to Las Margaritas. Most of my friends rave about it and decided I shall try it out as well. We sat on the patio and started looking at their extensiveee menu of food. We wanted to share a nachos and decided to share the cheapest one, without bothering to look at the description. I ordered the enchilada and friend had the vegetarian enchilada and a pina colada.

The nachos come and it was this dinky 8 pieces nachos. For 6 bucks, this isn't worth it. Damn, lesson learned. read the description (I always just scan it and see a word I like like cranberry or duck or apple, and I am sold. yes, it's horrible because I sometimes end up getting something completely not what I had in mind... aka last year- beso- chicken with a ball of cheese on top. ewww). Even though it was small, it was sooo filling since it was loaded with cheese adn guacamole. delicious fatty goodness.

Our food arrived and I was pretty full at this point. Upon scanning the whole patio and my food, it seems like every dish looked just the same. rice, beans, and some sort of tortilla filled thing loaded with cheese guac and sour cream. Maybe this is what Mexican food is? I don't know authentic mexican food, I didn't even like mexican food until 2 years ago.
The rice was really good, I hated the beans. It was weird texture for me and I was too full from the nachos that I got the enchilada packed up. The next day I ate it.. it was a little dry inside (maybe from microwaved). The place has a nice patio to people watch. and if you love cheese, this is a great place to go haha

Then we headed over to Sophie's for apple pie, because I heard it was pretty good. For around 6 dollars, it's hugeee. but umm lets just say we prefer regular apple pie. the crust is not the normal doughy pie crust, it's like pastry like I guess. Gosh I don't know my terms, forgive me. Just look at the picture haha