Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yoshi + Kobe Steakhouse

Yoshi on Urbanspoon Couple weeks ago, I went to Yoshi on Denman for Lunch. I always see this place but never been after hearing it's a bit more on the expensive side.. but since it was lunch, it should be affordable!

You have to walk upstairs, and right when I walked up, two flies were flying like crazy right there. frick it's giving me shivers thinking about it. Normally for a normal person, this is whatever, but my biggest fear are flying gnats/flies or a bunch of those fruitflies flying in one swarm during mating season or watever. UGH . this is probably gonna be the worst post I've done.. thinking about it..

So we sat down by the window, and as we were tryin to have a conversation, I just kept noticing fly after fly flying around.. at one point, we counted there were SEVEN flies. WTF. I am freaking the hell out at this point. Isn't this a health hazard too?? like seven flies already buzzing around where I am sitting... how many are in the kitchen then?

I ordered Combo C (salmon, sushi, miso soup, tofu, and vegetables), and they ordered a grilled fish combo, and a Combo B (sashimi, sushi, udon, and chicken). The food came, and mine.. the tofu was really soggy and the salmon tasted like jerky.. the others were okay apparently. The box sure looked pretty but it was a little expensive i believe (13 bucks if I remember? ).

then when we were leaving, I walked into more flies. you must think i m neurotic but think of it this way, if your biggest fear were clowns.. just think of how next to you were clowns eating dinner, or spiders.. the place crawling with spiders etc. Mine just happens to be flies. it's really the same thing...

I went to Kobe steakhouse for my dad's birthday. A couple of my friends told me this is great.. If there's any bigger tourist trap in vancouver besides Stonegrill, this place must be it. I have passed this place a million times and naive me thought kobe place would serve kobe beef, my dad's favorite. damnit.

I honestly have NO idea how the food or anything can justify the prices for this place. The place has a bar downstairs, that they make you sit in for at least a couple minutes before they take you upstairs. Upstairs is dark and has 4(?) teppanyaki stations. I think there are more, but I am not sure. So for the menu I ordered the chicken and beef combo, mother ordered the shrimp + chicken, and father had the ultimate. Me and my mother's were both 40 something and my fathers was 60.

The chef was really nice guy, but there were no children at our table so he didn't get as much oohs and ahhs and claps as the tables around. he said it was his first day on the job.. at first I believed him, until I heard the dude next station say it was his first day too. right.

So the ultimate consisted of everything (chicken shrimp scallops beef lobster). nothing stood out. it was bland and boring, and quality wise did not live up to the price. What a rip off. I should have treated him to omakase at tojo's instead.