Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flying Tiger + Maenam

Flying Tiger on Urbanspoon I went to Flying tiger a couple weeks ago. It is further along West 4th near Milestones and past Topanga Cafe. They specialize in asian street food such as roti canai, satays, duck crepe, noodles,etc. I was real excited to try this place since I've always wanted to come and it definitely met all my expectations.

The room is rather small with only three (?) tables out on the patio. So we sat on the side next to the open kitchen, where only three people cooked all night long. It was cool because I got to see all the dishes that were coming out :)

We ordered the roti, satay, and chaat masala. The roti canai was different from the usual, it was flakier and sweet I believe.. (this is what happens when you blog about a place you tried 2-3 weeks ago, you briefly remember the taste.. but I am so lazy to post it right after i try =[ ) but anyways it was still good, especially with the curry dipping sauce.

Next was Chicken Satay. They were okay. We didn't rave about it but it wasn't disgusting. they were just okay. Finally was the Chaat Masala which I really liked. You take the bread and then you fill it up with all the fillings on the plate. There were raisin chutney (my fave), yogurt cucumber, dhaal, vegetables, and mint chutney (?). It was a little hard to fill everything into it but it was pretty delicious. The various flavors at once. Although, I personally didn't like the mint and vegetables, I loaded it up mostly with dhaal and raisin :) crap I am drooling thinking about it.

Then we ordered the sticky rice dessert that comes with mango jackfruit and ice cream. ewww it was so not good. We couldn't even finish it :(

The prices were a little high (12 for satay, 14 for chaat, and 7 for roti) but the food was very tasty and delicoius that I think van foodies should try it out if they haven't done so yet =) (cept the dessert. blech).

I also went to Maenam last week for a quick dinner. and it sure was quick, because I think we at in record time (because we were thinking we were gonna get ticketed for where we parked. bleh).
Maenam used to be Gastropod, but now has become a thai restaurant. Right when I walked in, I was welcomed by two flies flying in the middle of the restaurant. gross. I know I comment on this a lot,but damn I can't STAND it!!!

We ordered the 3 flavor fish (sweet sour and salty, 17 dollars) and pad thai (13 dollars). I didn't feel like rice but it would most likely have made the meal better. The flavors were overpowering. The fish was quite tasty and it was cooked perfectly but there was almost too much taste.. and the pad thai was just SUPER flavorful. wayy too sweet. If they dialled down the spices and stuff, I think the meal would have been excellent.