Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hons + The Place

random note: there's this side app that tells me how people are getting to my site .. LOL to someone googling "yuppie am i a" and getting to my post.

I went to Hons on the weekend right when it opened. We thought we were too early, but there were a few others bustling in at the same time as us. Unfortunately their kitchen wasn't set up and we, along with others, had to wait a bit to get our food. The other table was in a hurry and even asked to get their dishes (that haven't arrived to their tables) taken to go because they had no time for sit down and eat. I understand that they *just* opened, but if you aren't ready to be opened, then maybe don't say you're open yet?

We ordered the pan fried noodles (cheong fun), duck and wonton noodles (what was I thinking? at 9 in the morning), and tang jai congee with chinese donut. Everything was adequate Hon's Chinese food. I don't have much to say, so on with the pictures :)

The Place on Urbanspoon After the delicious time I had at Lin's many months ago, I wanted to try the Place, the tiny shanghai restaurant on the far end of Granville. The restaurant itself is small with a very high ceiling. There was only one big table occupied when we got there, but as dinner rolled on, people slowly trickled in. We ordered the beef rolls, xlb, beef noodles, and something that I absolutely cannot remember what it was.. I think it was chicken.... or beef..

Anyways, so the beef rolls were okay but damn, nothing compares to Long's.. I don't know why they are so good there. but one thing I must rave about is how juicy and plump those xlb were! I don't think I've even seen anything as nice as them. yum!! The beef noodles were good too.. very tasty, and the chicken possibly beef dish tasted great wrapped in little crepes. It is also great with rice, as I found out for dinner the next day =)

For dessert, we had deep fried sweet potato and a sesame cake dessert. I liked the seasame one, very tasty

So I went to the washroom here, and obv I didn't have much of any expectations. I went to wash my hands and the sink had a tube connected to this machine next to the it. uhhh what the freaking hell. After I randomly pressed some red and blue buttons on the machine, water came pouring out in the machine inside. (like a freaking washing machine). umm why is their sink the washing machine???? Like I am pretty sure that was a washing clothes machine used as a sink now. this is probably one of the more random encounters I've had with washrooms. but at least I was smart enough to figure this out =) =p