Sunday, July 5, 2009

Maurya + Raga

Maurya on Urbanspoon I have heard relatively good things about Maurya so I decided to go for Father's day. There's a couple of free parking in the back and it is right next door to Bogarts. The restaurant itself is very spacious with high ceilings and mansion-like feel.
We ordered the butter chicken, chicken chettinand, and lamb palak. They were all around 12-14. We also ordered some rice and naan. One of the meals (I think it was the chicken one) came with veggies and rice as well. We were also given complimentary papad to start. Although the dishes looked small, the plates were pretty deep so there were a lot of food! Everything was really delicious, although I still loved the butter chicken the most. All dishes had ample pieces of meat and they were very tender. The only thing I didn't like was the naan, it was too crispy for me (I like doughier naan more). We also ordered 2 dessets: kheer (rice pudding) and ras malai (cheese patties in milk) for 6.95..
I don't think they were worth it.. they were small and nothing amazing. Just sweet.
Even so, I thought the main dishes were very good!

Last week I went to Raga near Tojo's. The servers were very very nice. I think there was a man sleeping in the back.. because we didn't see anyone.. then after awhile, this man popped up and just sat there.. then we didn't see him again. LOL Complimentary papad was also given.

We ordered the Lamb Korma and Butter Chicken with naan and rice (they are not included). The mains were 14 dollars.. a little expensive!!
I found the sweetness of the lamb korma a bit strange for me, so I ate more of the butter chicken. There was a good buttery taste . and the naan was very doughy here- yum. The dishes weren't as big as Maurya I don't think, but still adequate.. This restaurant is pretty good.. although a little expensive.. but the service was very good =]