Monday, July 20, 2009

Salade de fruits cafe

Salade de Fruits Cafe on Urbanspoon A great little french spot on W 7th, offering up delicious brunch at this quaint place. Tons of bugs in front of the entrance. friend had to wack them away so I could run in (this fear is getting outta hand man).

We sat on outside and presented a door handle looking menu.. everything in french. Time to put my french 11 (99% might i add :P) to the test. I figured out poulet and ouefs and that was it haha.. we asked the server a ton of questions, but he was nice and answered (and repeated) everything patiently :) there's eggs benny, chicken, fish, lamb, mussels, crepes, etc.. a lot of vairous food for a brunch! I chose the crepes with cheese and chicken, and friend had the eggs benny with sausage. We also had a nice french cassis cocktail drink. Service was nice, everyone spoke french .. how authentic :)

My crepe was really good. I didn't have high expectations for it because I've never had a savory crepe before, but the crepe was soft and there was a ton of filling. It was just really tasty. Eggs benny was good too, cept the sausage was a little dry.

It's a hidden little gem that provides very yummy brunch. try it out some time :)