Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ma's + Gingeri + Golden Phoenix

sooo someone told me how there's this restaurant very close to where I live that serves food that has been already served already... which is already quite disgusting... but then a waitress once tried to advise customers not to order something because it was recooked food, the owners heard.. yelled at her, hit her, and fired her... wtfuck!! I am not going to name the restaurant but seriously, that is pretty despicable. I think that reserving food, although as dirty as it is, is sorta common in small restaurants in China, but I guess I never would have thought in Van.. If this was true (I dno why two diff ppl would lie) I hope health inspection has found out.

My mother told me that if I like shanghai cuisine so much, I should go try Ma's. I broke my toe 3 weeks ago (really dumb comment) so it ruined my plans of going to la bodega :(:(:( but a girls gotta eat, so I hopped on over to Ma's. and when I say hop, i really do literally mean hopping into the restaurant mere hours after being at the friggin hospital. talk about dedication to eat :P

Ma's on Urbanspoon They serve halal cuisine, so there are no pork dishes on the menu. The restuarant looks like a normal asian restaurant with pictures of dishes posted around the room. There were about 5 flies flying around next to me.. so we asked them to close the door and turn on the AC to get rid of them. then I asked my father where they would go, and he said to a place w/o AC.. which is the kitchen.. where all the food is.. oi.

We ordered the beef roll ups, a crepe and lamb dish, beef pastry, and a noodle dish. Everything was just o-kay. except the beef pastry one. Although it was very oily and fatty, it was quite yummy. There were a lot of ingredients inside. For dessert we ordered deep fried taro and seasame balls and they were veryyy good. Although filling, they were piping hot and soft. yum

Gingeri is a Chinese seafood restaurant in Richmond Landsdowne Mall.. I am not a big fan of large dim sum restaurants due to the fact that there is obvious favoritism towards close clientele there. Maybe I am just bitter because I have no connections (haha) but I don't think it's right that I made reservations and still waiting for a freaking table when I see so many opened, and then a "close customer" walks in and beelines through the damn line and gets one of the tables. we said somethin to the hostess and she just shrugged and said sorry. oi. There was another frustrated group next to us but they somehow argued their way into getting a table.

The food was okay. Waited so long I didn't even care anymore. Here are some dessert we had. no I am not coming back.

On the other hand, I went to Golden Phoenix a couple weeks back on a weekday. I've been here before and I liked their innovative dim sums. Since it was a weekday, it was extremely quiet but they were very very attentive and kind. I was a little hard to serve that day because I wasn't feeling well but they brought over so much water and tea and sympathetized with me which was nice. We would ask if they had something and they would quickly make it and we accidentally ordered something and didn't want it and they said no problem and quickly cancelled it.

These are baked bbq pork buns and they were very very good. Sweet and soft with piping hot bbq pork inside. Delicious.