Saturday, July 11, 2009

Grub + Sweet Revenge

Grub is a tiny little restaurant on Main that isn't too hard to miss because they have a really big GRUB sign on the front. The restaurant was very busy and seemed quite kid friendly as well (crayons, coloring paper things, the ability to store a stroller in the back).. The menu is full of pizza, salad, and appetizers while the side is the fresh list of better mains. I felt like a pizza so I ordered one with sausages. friend had duck salad.. we waited patiently.. which felt like actually quite a while.. hummmmmm

My pizza was quite delicious, soft, and fresh, with enough pieces, although I only ate two and got the rest packed up. The salad was good too apparently, although it looked bland to me.. They really cater well to your needs. friend wanted it with no lactose ingredients and they made sure of it. great :)

Then we headed over to Sweet revenge and sat outside. friend going through a cutting out lactose for a week experiment. boy did we choose a bad week to hang out. Unfortunately the only thing on the menu with no lactose was the fruit plate. Man, it must suck to be lactose intolerant!!! The menu had a wide variety of things I wanted to try (pies, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, bread pudding).. but I chose the white chocolate cheesecake because it was noted to be a favorite. There is a minimum charge of 6 dollars here ps. but he let it go for us, because my friend didn't want to get fruit.... The cheesecake was very very good. It was flourless and had a creamy soft texture that almost felt like it melted in your mouth. Too bad it is a little small. The man (I think he is the owner) wasn't very warm. You know, you can smile..

Then we were walking and past Nyala, a restaurant I am hoping to go to. They have flamenco dancing on Saturdays. The owner comes out and tries to persuade us to go inside. He was a nice man and I felt bad for him.. It was karoke night and he wanted us to go in and sing and eat, but there was only one other customer inside.. We promised we'd be back on a Saturday and he told us we could flamenco dance as well. lol. ya.. we'll see mister