Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sasaya + Kreation

Sasaya Bistro on Urbanspoon Sasaya is an Asian restaurant near where I live. I always walk past to the skytrain and 'glance at the pictures on the window'... when in fact I was just checking to make sure my hair wasn't looking crazy (please, everyone does it. don't lie.) The place has chinese writings and has chinese dishes.. but they also have korean hot pots, and japanese curry, and my friend told me this place used to be taiwanese..

The place is pretty minimal, looks kinda like a cafeteria. They have a fairly big menu and pictures as well. We ordered a korean bbq beef, rice, and hotpot, and meatballs. The meatballs come and they are just 4 boring meatballs you put in hot pot at home with some bland soup. This was 4 something. omg, rip off.

The korean bbq dinner was quite big actually. When I saw it, I was a little turned off because the mini hot pot looked like it had nothing. But as I dug in, it was pretty deep filled with shrimp, egg, vermicelli, vegetables, and some other things I believe. The beef was a little dry, and although there were a lot of food in the hot pot, it was a bit bland. I guess this would be a filling dinner, but not something I would enjoy.

I wanted to try Kreation cakes, so I went to buy some. The place is quite easy to miss since their store is sorta dark and the sign is small. The room quaint but they have a selection of small cakes and cookies to buy. The prices are quite expensive, but the cakes are pretty unique. I bought the blueberry tart, caramel lamington, and raspberry cheesecake. I am sure the names were more intricate than that but I don't remember it anymore! Unforunately, the only one I didn't mind was the blueberry one. The caramel was way sweet and so was the cheesecake :( I prefer la patiserrie near Red Star Seafood Restaurant.

lastly, look at the size of this pizza! it's so gigantic!! it's a 18" Costco pizza for around 13 dollars. Hella cheap! It wasn't very good, but damnnn!! Side note: Ah beetz sell 18" pizzas for around 16-25 dollars. I reallyy wanna try this place because apparently they are the only authentic ny pizza in bc.. but it seems like everytime I've tried to go there. their machine is broken or they ran out of dough.. Here's an article on them