Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tentatsu, Hiroshi's, and Sakura Sushi

man no internet really sucks, i hate you telus

Tentatsu on Urbanspoon Tentatsu is a japanese restaurant on busy hastings st. There is always a large group of people waiting for the bus in front, which attracts me to stare at the restaurant whenever my bus stops there to load people on. I guess this accidental marketing worked because I really wanted to try it ever since.

They have a large menu with lunch boxes, but we opted for menu items.. we ordered the chicken karaage, a sushi roll, a piece of saba, and unagi don.

The sushi roll was nice. it had scallops on top with tempura prawn and avo inside. The unagi don was quite large and filling, the saba was grilled nicely, but the karaage was a let down. Although the chicken was perfect (juicy and not dry) but the taste was too salty for me..and tasted a little like KFC fried chicken. Service is nice, food comes out fairly quick and it is fine.. this is an adequate sushi spot :)

Hiroshi's Sushi Creations is a very tiny mom and pop store on Oak st. They are only opened on Weekdays until 8pm. I've read very good reviews on them and their innovative rolls and decided to give it a try. Their menu is not very big but they sure have some different things. We only ordered sushi rolls: energy roll, refresh, ebi cheese, and tropical.
The energy roll had pumpkin tuna with garlic lime sauce, refresh with cilantro, tuna, and lemon mustard, tropical had avo and mango sauce, and ebi cheese was cheese ebi and lemon mayo.
The ingredients were very fresh but I found the energy and refresh to be too sour for me :( but other than that it was pretty good. (I liked pumpkin in sushi :D)

It seems like a local negihborhood gem.. serving fresh sushi and jap food at good prices :)

Finally I stumbled onto Sakura Sushi when I was in Langely. I didn't realize there were So many sushi restaurants there until now! We chose Sakura because we parked closest to it . haha. No one inside was a little wearysome, but nevertheless a try. We had a sushi box and a sakura sushi (had unagi cream cheese I believe..?). The sushi box is pictured here. I really enjoyed how they have ebi su included :) The gyoza was a little dry, and the chicken teriyaki was really bland. The sushi was fine. The sakura sushi had good flavor, but it was veryyy mushy.