Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cafe Kathmandu + Bandidas Taqueria

I went to Cafe Kathmandu a few weeks back. The restaurant is full of beautiful art and paintings exemplifying the nepali region. We got there pretty early.. 5pm, and the restaurant doesn't get packed until around 6-7.

When you come here, I have heard you must try the momos. but I forgot this, and ordered the deep fried dumplings instead. Nonetheless, they were really good! They were crunchy on the outside but soft and full of ingredients inside. It also came with three dips, unfortunately I do not remember them anymore, except that one of them was extremely spicy :(

Then we shared a large plate of goat curry that came with rice and roti, dhal, and side veggies. It was very filling for the two of us. The goat was very tasty, but the dish was a little too spicy for me :(:(

Afterwards, we headed next door to Bandidas for dessert. The room is very minimal but crowded. They serve up mexican food but we just ordered some brownies and the flan. The brownies were a little too bitter for my taste, but the flan was very sweet, rich, and tasty. Too bad after a few bites, it was too rich for me.. The service is nice and they did not hurry us at all (something I hate at restaurants). They also feature beautiful photographs around the room. my friend's exhibition of photographs he has taken in the Middle East will be featured this Saturday at Bandidas.. so go and check it out !