Sunday, August 2, 2009

Zipang and Sushi Oyama

Zipang Sushi on Urbanspoon I saw zipang sushi when I was at shaktea awhile back.. Wanted to go in, but they were closed after my tea :( have been aching to go back, and glad I tried it!

The room is quite small but the decor is really nice. Not the usual japanese restaurant, it's more modern. The menu has a bunch of good stuff, I wanted to order everything.. since friend gave me absolute power to order =D Ended up only getting the kiwi roll, chicken karaage roll, a roll that has a name that I can't remember, and a modern jap pizza. I was going to get pook okonomiyaki because I was naive enough to think it was something different, some kooky jap. thing but it was just a typo for pork .

The rolls were very pretty, but I only liked the two on the right. The kiwi roll was way too sour. Hell I don't even like Kiwi, but I am tryin to make myself eat them because of the massive amount of vitamin C in it. and I thought I would grow accustomed to the taste (like I have done for blueberries). but no dice.

The roll in the middle was very creamy but I liked it like that! It was different, but a good different. The creaminess worked well with the unagi inside. yum, I ate all that and made friend eat the rest of kiwi roll hah. although he too winced at the sourness hah. The chicken karaage was surprisngly good too. but how can you go wrong with chicken karaage.

The modern okonomiyaki was a "pizza" made with noodles as a base. The first bite was very tasty and good, but the 3rd/4th bite was extremely filling.

The service is nice, but a little weird. I don't think she understood us or she just had a really weird personality. friend got there before me and wanted tea and she went "ooOOh First TIME!!" huh? when he reenacted this for me I was like w/e you're being dramatic, but then for takeout she goes "oOooOO .. ho ho ho... pack? oOoOO" and makes a face at me..? and then we left a tip and she goes "ooOOo Tip?..." and I thought she was going to complain about the tip (even though it was a good tip) then proceeds to go "oooOOoh!!" we left the restaurant going what.. the..fuck. nice lady, but a bit weird..

Oh ya, and the single washroom has a huge mirror with a big chair in front of it.. umm? do people like sitting in bathrooms over the restaurant?

Sushi Oyama on Urbanspoon I moved out of Burnaby and as a last dine near my neighborhood, I went to Sushi Oyama. I've passed by it several times and thought it looked intriguing for a Japanese restaurant to be in a big house setting. My feelings of eating in a house setting restaurant has ranged from cold and awkward (hart house) to cozy and lovely (old mac grill). So I didn't really know what to expect when i went inside. Although I must say I really liked how the patio was set up to dine outside.
We sat inside, near the sushi bar, but I found the booth to be quite cramped. and if you are a tall person, you will have to crouch down to eat.. something I despise (le merrackech)

The room is pretty big with ample seating, I think the sushi bar is big too, because there was another one on the other side of where we were sitting. On our side, there were 3 sushi chefs, I wonder if there were 3 on the other side too? quite a lot of staff then!

Is this restaurant affiliated with sushi town in any way? because they have very similar names of rolls (awesome roll.. mangodoise roll...) We ordered the potato croquette, oyama roll, tonkatsu, and dragon roll. The potato croquette was soft with a nice crispy outer crust..but I preferred the one I had at sushi town in coquitlam much more. The rolls were nice and beautifully presented, but the tonkatsu was a major letdown. The pork cutlets were deep fried wayyy too long, and it turned out extremely dry. yuck.

I started seeing 4 flies and knew it was time to get going. The food was average, and the prices were acceptable. I guess if you are in the neighborhood and wants some decent sushi, this would be a nice place to go. Although I find the location to be weird, we were there around 4 and they seemed to have good business.