Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ponchos + Don Guacamole's

Ponchos on Urbanspoon I've always wanted to go Ponchos. From the outside, it looks a little dodgy and old.. nothin spectacular.. but inside is a warm vibrant room full of music laughing and good times. There were a lot of spanish chatters so I m guessing it is authentic? there is a mexican singer in the back strumming his guitar. We sat down and ordered some nachos becaus we were starvinggg. There were loaded with sour cream, salsa, cheese, and meats. it was delicious, but the bottom nachos had nothing on them and were extremely soggy :(

we then ordered the beef faijtas and taquitoes to share. the food took quite a while to get out. The beef for the fajitas were very tough.. but the taquitoes were very tasty. Overall I found the food to be just o-kay. We also ordered the churros that was absolute sugar overload!!!

The margeritas are very delicious and they also have a coffee drink worth around 8-9 dollars that is made tableside. If this is too expensive, you can just enjoy the show when others order it :)

As the night went on, the singer began playing a song many of us knew (the name escapes me) and the waitresses began to distribute instruments like mini drums, rattlers, etc, to join in. The owner was just making noises with a whisk and a bowl! The restaurant isn't very big so it was very cozy and brought the whole restaurant together. It was fun and I loved it! The food isn't very good, but I think the entertainment turns ponchos into a to go restaurant.

ps damas is girl's bathroom. at least they are single washrooms. so it was not as embarrassing peeing in the guy's washroom by accident.

Don Guacamole's on the other hand was just not good. There's a lot of people here, but thankfully we got a table quickly. After salsa & agave, I love horchata and had to order another one. We also ordered the flautas and flan. This complimentary chips with dips came.. the dips were all very spicy =(
The flautas was described as 6 crispy mini tacos, but they were 3 longgg taquitoes that were very hard to eat. They were also extremely bland with no taste whatsoever! The flan was sweet and o-kay. The flan at Bandidas was much much better. I don't like this place.. bland food.